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PBX SIP Trunking
Metered Unlimited
PBX Line $1.00/line $19.95/line
Local DID $1.00/each $1.00/each
Local & Long Distance $0.01/min INCLUDED
Toll Free Number $1.00/each $1.00/each
Toll Free Calls $0.025/min $0.025/min

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Cloud PBX
Metered Unlimited
Cloud PBX Extension $8.95/seat $19.95/seat
Local DID $1.00/each $1.00/each
Local & Long Distance Calls $0.01/min Included
Toll Free Number $1.00/each $1.00/each
Toll Free Calls $.025/min $.025/min

Short Code SMS
Starter $25/commit $0.025/message
Standard $100/commit $0.02/message
Professional $250/commit $0.18/message
Enterprise $500/commit $0.15/message
Random Short Code $1,000/commit 3 months minimum
Vanity Short Code $1,500/commit 3 months minimum

Telecom Phone Numbers
Porting Monthly Usage
Local DIDs $8.00/each $1.00/each $0.01/min
Toll Free Number Free $1.00/each $.025/min
Canada DID $2.00/each $0.01/min
Canada Toll Free $2.00/each $0.039/min
Puerto Rico DID $2.50/each $0.025/min

Long Code SMS & MMS
Monthly SMS MMS
Text Enable Your Local DID $1.00/each $0.01/message $0.03/message
Text Enable Your Toll Free $1.00/each $0.01/message $0.03/message
Vox SMS Web/Mobile App $5.00/user - -

Custom Products Pricing
CNAM (calling name) Outbound No charge
CNAM (calling name) Inbound $2/DID
911 $1.72/month
Cell Number Scrubbing - CNI Desktop $10/month $.0005/number
Cell Number Scrubbing - CNI SIP Trunk $1.50/line Unlimited
DCLID - Dynamic Caller ID $10/month Requires DID services
Fax - Email (local DID) $3/month $.019/min
Fax - Email (toll free) $3/month $.029/min
Call Recording $100/month $.01/call
Call Recording Storage $.01/min

3CX Pricing
PBX Software with UNLIMITED EXTENSIONS Annual Cost Hosting Setup* Hosting Monthly*
3CX-PRO-4SC (4 Lines) $250 $35 $35
3CX-PRO-8SC (8 Lines) $325 $35 $35
3CX-PRO-16SC (16 Lines) $652 $55 $55
3CX-PRO-24SC (24 Lines) $982 $75 $75
3CX-PRO-32SC (32 Lines) $1,477 $95 $95
3CX-PRO-48SC (48 Lines) $2,228 $100 $135
3CX-PRO-64SC (64 Lines) $2,962 $100 $165
3CX-PRO-96SC (96 Lines) $4,447 $100 $195
3CX-PRO-128SC (128 Lines) $5,767 $100 $225

*Not required if 3CX is installed on local network